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I attest to the benefits of a masturbator that uses artificial intelligence.

First a bit of history, My name is Ronald Hersal, in 2020 I was vaccinated against the coronavirus and immediately I had a condition in my right testicle, I suffered from an epididymitis sequel to the coronavirus vaccine. After this I went six months without having erections. Then I recovered slowly but suffered from premature ejaculation, only 1 minute. Conventional medicine diagnosed me as a chronic and irreversible condition, the diagnosis was hard for me.

I am an engineer by profession and I gave myself the task of studying the consequences of the coronavirus and non-conventional medicine. I found several studies from the USAC University of CA. The studies talked about stimulation and reprogramming of sexual arousal.

The study specifically talked about therapeutic masturbation, this type of masturbation must be carried out in controlled situations as it marked the following problems when practicing non-therapeutic masturbation.

Conventional or non-therapeutic masturbation produces darkening of the sclera of the eye, the cornea of the eye becomes cloudy, called dirty look.

Conventional masturbation alters the nervous system by increasing stress on the body.

Another consequence of conventional masturbation is pain or discomfort in the joints due to the muscles of the body contracting asynchronously, contrary to what happens when you have real sex with another human being, when you have real sex the muscles contract in a non-synchronous way. normal when coordinating the movements of each sexual pose, in masturbation this type of movement does not exist.

It is important to add that contrary to having sex with another human being, masturbation produces alterations in brain impulses, since muscular movements are not coordinated, the mind is confused when going through scenes and actions of a pornographic video that do not correspond to the actions of the body of the one who masturbates.

Masturbation produces low self-esteem, alters the way in which one interacts with women, since the masturbatory act alters the way in which the brain coordinates reality with fantasy, remembering that in masturbation control is total and when interacting with another person you must maneuver to socialize, something that is lost when a man masturbates.

The masturbating man exudes hormones that soak into his skin that women smell and combined with the cloudy look and nervous demeanor make a masturbating man an undesirable to women

Another product of masturbation is that it increases the appetite in an excessive way, this due to the alteration of the nervous system, self-esteem. This elevation of appetite causes problems in the liver and pancreas. People who masturbate chronically are 62% more likely to suffer from pancreatitis, 45% more likely to suffer from fatty liver.

After this investigation and the problems that masturbation produces, I decided to look for a method that would be able to help me and not produce the adverse effects described above.

I found the masturbators that were synchronized to videos, after studying the USAC University study, I determined that not all videos are suitable for therapeutic use, and secondly, not all masturbators achieve correct synchronization. After a search until the writing of this article “The Handy” is the one that achieves the best results according to my experience.

The benefits that I have experienced using “The Handy” together with videos with artificial intelligence.

Benefits of using masturbator with artificial intelligence

The most notorious is that with a woman it takes me a minimum of 1.5 hours to ejaculate to the maximum (on few occasions) of 2.5 hours, if we add the preamble time, excellent sexual relations are achieved for a woman by a man and myself.

The habitual use of the masturbator with artificial intelligence does not produce insomnia, alteration in the nerves, no chemicals that offend the smell of women are exuded. Nor does it alter relationships with the opposite sex.

It does not raise the risks of pancreatitis or fatty liver.

Do not limit me to the benefits that I obtained, I have tested them by sharing the videos that I process with AI with other men and 35% achieve sexual relations with women of at least one hour, another 60% achieve sexual relations of at least 1.5 hours and 5% did not obtain any benefit. I coordinated the tests with a group of 132 volunteers.

Now I have given myself the task of processing videos and sharing them with the world, it is not something that will make me a millionaire, it takes time to develop the technology, upload it to a server and process what is necessary, the task of searching for videos from which it is obtained benefits take time.
In addition to the cost of the server with AI, in short, that’s why I charge this minimum amount.

Also add that I am an electronics and telecommunications engineer and that my native language is not English



I must clarify that I am an electronics engineer but not an expert in artificial intelligence, I knew what a masturbator needed to do, therefore I requested a program that would process the videos with artificial intelligence. I entrusted the work to whom I thank very much


Ronald Hersal